Paper Cuts on
C lassified Documents

Annabell Lee Chin

Just like the parrot
Without knowing the meaning
of the word
I talk with animals
And through my song of nonsense
establish a vital message
into these stones
Scandinavian crumbs of mountains
Do people know the absence
created by the language
I’m getting exploited by?
Fucked by English
This nation makes me restless
with its
white majority watching
Like a crocodile
with his eyes above the water
and at the same time
breathing under the surface
moving his inner organs
without releasing a single bubble of oxygen
to reveal his existence
What is it about community that frightens you?
Who’s your friend?
Do you miss miss lonely?
Miss lonely is not a true friend
Gloria Anzaldúa
My wish is that you could find my voice
And be with me here reading
I think that it’s love growing inside my body
— a devilish foetus — from a man far away
(as always all my good men are far away)
Circulating the axial tilt
like floating pictures or ghosts
and I love everyone of them
as if they where cushions on my bed
but right now I can only think of one
and maybe it’s him growing and expanding and not love
A parasite that exterminates myself
and my thoughts about the world
I’m dying of this man’s parasite
which is eating everything
inside out into eternity
As if my body was a fruit
without hope and with only a few breaths left
And every single breath left is a dream
I will kill and conquer love
My beautiful whale mother
starving for several months
to provide me with milk
in a clear and empty ocean
So that we could travel together
to new and hopeful places
where we once again could separate
Germany, Germany, you never loved me Germany
I’m the ill
Watch out
This is my pavement
Bang bang
Charm that melts
like grease on falsity
Dead meat
Back of
Now I’m the one who’s fat
Tough love
against yourself
Crop give me money
Provide me with milk
in a clear and empty ocean
When the dead dominate
the institutions
and the walls are crying for attention
These curriculums are nebulous
taking place inside of a bubble
that has been parted from oxygen
to separate air from air
Just like glass
I have been transparent
lying with the gangs of enemies
In a schizoid society
built on oppression
but also on love
Democratic love where’s my freedom?
My skin is flaking
from the meat
that is my body
Body of a snake
My name is Copycat